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Design Anarchy

A bible for maverick designers

Equal parts memoir, manifesto, and revolutionary design manual, Design Anarchy is an urgent call for artists, designers, and communicators to take a stand in the battle for the mental environment. Published in 2006 and now more relevant than ever, this is not a book but an imagination in itself. It is a dare in the face of the straight line, a challenge to every brand design with consumerist aims. It raises questions and urges deep thought, urging you to the fathomless depths — and possibilities — of design. How can design change a city, a country, a population, a government? How can design change your life?

The digital version is a DRM-free PDF you can download, share with your friends, and read on all your devices.

Update (April 15, 2019): The digital file has been fixed.

We also have a limited supply of full color, 416-page, hardcover copies available.

$35.00 $135.00