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For over thirty years, Adbusters Media Foundation has been fiercely independent — and 100% ad-free. We're a non-profit: every dollar raised is to produce our magazine and to fund grassroots activist campaigns. We're almost wholly funded by our readership. But we also rely on the generosity of donors.

That's as true in normal times as in moments of disruption like the present. No one was prepared for the devastation of the coronavirus. Not the banks, not the government, not the hospitals. And truth be told, neither were we.

What will the world look like once the virus subsides? It's clear that things can't go on as before. Everything will need revolutionary rethinking — and that's our specialty. In the radically transformed world to come, our ideas and activism and campaign of unleashing a Metamemetic Insurrection on seven critical fronts is now more relevant than ever.

Are you a long-time fan? A new convert? Or just a sympathetic comrade? We need your help now more than ever. If you’re feeling flush, please consider making a modest contribution. Your donation will keep our revolutionary fires burning and our presses printing. It could even make the difference that keeps our doors from closing.

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