The endgame approaches. World revolution must begin. We have the codes. Are you ready?

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Corporate America Flag 2022 - PRE-ORDER

The Corporate America Flag is back with updated logos! The story of America is a chronicle of democracy derailed, a revolutionary spirit suppressed, and a once-proud people reduced to servitude. Wave this infamous piece of protest art in the streets, fly it outside of your home, or hang it defiantly on your wall. The double-takes and commentary will matter.

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Dangerous Issues Package

Outlawed. Banned. Censored. These are the most dangerous issues we’ve ever published.

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DareWare™ Anti-ism T-shirt!

Forget yesterday’s ideologies. Facing down doomsday demands orthodoxy-exploding new ways to live, love and think. Refuse to let anyone think for you but you!

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DareWare™ MLF T-shirt!

Rise up hybrid creature! Vanquish Big Tech. Smash surveillance capitalism. Be a part of a movement to free our minds — the Mental Liberation Front (MLF)!

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DareWare™ Third Party T-shirt!

The two-party system is broken beyond repair. Chuck the tired old donkey-and-elephant duo and embrace the bee — the symbol of a future that computes!

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DareWare™ Your Economy T-shirt!

Have you fulfilled your daily duty to consume? Uncle Jam needs you to keep those bucks flowing!

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Blackspot Unswoosher

Made from organic hemp and vegan leather, with soles fashioned from recycled tires. Hand-crafted by unionized workers. Ideal for kicking corporate ass. (Sizes limited.)

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Design Anarchy

Equal parts memoir, manifesto and revolutionary design manual. An urgent call for artists and designers to take a stand in the battle for the mental environment and create a new structure of feeling. (Digital only. Sold out in print.)

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Meme Wars

“A textbook for the future” urging a paradigm shift away from the suicidal formalism of neoclassical economics. Students get a free digital copy! (Digital only. Sold out in print.)

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2021 Box Set: Rise of the Third Force

Today we are witnessing the birth of a new kind of resistance, a movement that operates completely outside of geographic borders and political structures.

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