There’s a long, dark, deadly road ahead. We must re-evaluate all things if we are to stave off the worst and make the future compute. Join us on our hunt for big ideas, bold alternatives, radical solutions — new ways to live, love, and think.

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2020 Box Set: The Plague Year

Stuck at home. Cut off from the physical world. Faced with a constant barrage of information and misinformation. Stuck between left and right, good and bad, life and death . . . a shouting match of sense-deafening volume. How best to cut through the noise? How to make sense of these weeks and months of world-historic turmoil? Is there anybody out there? Does anyone care?

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Intro to Adbusters

Welcome to the resistance, Comrade! This bundle includes all the essentials for your initiation, or re-initiation, to the journal of unflinching audacity.

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Classic Campaigns Package

This is where it all started. Adbusters is ground zero for some of the most important activism of the past thirty years. From Buy Nothing Day to #FirstThingsFirst Manifesto to #OccupyWallStreet, we've been behind some of our era's defining toneshifting moments.

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Blackspot Unswoosher

The world’s most Earth-friendly footwear

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Corporate America Flag

The history of America is not a story of rugged individuality and heroic personal sacrifice in the pursuit of a dream. It is a story of democracy derailed, of a revolutionary spirit suppressed, and of a once-proud people reduced to servitude. Wave this notorious piece of protest art in the streets, then hang it on your wall.

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Field Guide To A New World Order Set

This series of six field guides offers prescriptive strategies for channelling revolutionary ideas into grassroots action. Each booklet takes on one big revelatory idea and offers tactical guidelines for its implementation. These booklets are must-haves for cultural transgressives and political insurrectionaries — POOF goes the Old World Order.

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"Uncle Jam" Canvas Bag

Change the way you feel walking around with this culture jamming bag. Reduce Reuse Recycle. Refuse Reuse Resist. And somewhere along your journey, with Uncle Jam in hand, you just might turn some heads, start a few conversations — and even change some minds.

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Design Anarchy

A bible for maverick designers

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Meme Wars

Get your hands on one of twenty sandpaper hardcover copies of this ground- breaking, 400-page Meme Wars: The Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economics. A visually driven tour de force, Meme Wars includes contributions from leading-edge thinkers like Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Samuelson, George Akerlof, Lourdes Benería, Julie Matthaei, Manfred Max-Neef, David Orrell, Paul Gilding, Mathis Wackernagel and the father of ecological economics, Herman Daly.

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