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2023 Box Set: The Big Year

These stunningly large format magazines expose the brutal struggle between the forces that shape our world, our humanity, and our future.

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Dangerous Issues Package

Outlawed. Banned. Censored. Three of the most dangerous issues we’ve ever published.

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Corporate America Flag!

The story of America is a chronicle of democracy derailed, a revolutionary spirit suppressed, and a once-proud people reduced to servitude. Wave this infamous piece of protest art in the streets, fly it outside of your home, or hang it defiantly on your wall. The double-takes and commentary will matter.

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Blackspot Clearance

With only two sizes left we're offering a big discount for the lucky few that have the right foot size (M9/W12 or M10/W13). For $75 you get a pair of the legendary BlackSpot Shoes + a classic back issue and a set of culture jamming stickers.

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Design Anarchy

Equal parts memoir, manifesto and revolutionary design manual. An urgent call for artists and designers to stop kissing corporate-ass. (Digital PDF only. Sold out in print.)

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Meme Wars

Erase the outmoded Econ books of the past and make way for the textbook of the future with our limited Sand-paperback Meme Wars book. Spur a paradigm shift away from the suicidal formalism of neoclassical economics and humanize the dismal science.

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