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Digital Bundle

Revamp your Digital Subscription! For the first time ever, Adbusters is offering not one, not two, but three ways to improve your digital experience.

Digital Subscription + Meme Wars

Get the groundbreaking, 400-page Meme Wars: The Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economics. Lauded by The Guardian and the Lit Review of Canada, Meme Wars takes you on a visionary and dangerous journey critiquing the very terms and assumptions used when debating economics. 

Digital Subscription + Digital Anarchy

Get the 416-page Digital Anarchy. Equal parts memoir, manifesto and revolutionary design manual, Design Anarchy is an urgent call for artists, designers and communicators to take a stand in the battle for the mental environment.

Digital Subscription + Field Guide Set

Get the Field Guide Set, five practical how-to guides to revolutionize our politics, our communities, and ourselves. Each Field Guide translates one big idea into grassroots action, with actionable strategies for navigating the dangerous times ahead. They're meant to be read, spread, shared, ripped, and destroyed, just like the chains that bind us.

Field Guide Pt. 1 - Metameme Warfare is an introduction to the Metameme as a revolutionary tool. Field Guide Pt. II - Break the Trance presents six steps for cleaning up your mental environment, cleansing it of corporate control, and building, together, a world of beauty and community in the shell of the old. Field Guide Pt. III - Reverse Money Flows traces the history of global finance, from its roots in colonialism and slavery to its modern corporate iteration.  Field Guide Pt. IV - détournement revisits the radical origins of aesthetic combat. Field Guide Pt. V - The Power of the Ritual revives the ritual as a foundational building block of culture.