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2014 Boxset: Blueprint for the New World

Call for an aesthetic awakening

Issues #112 - 117

This collection is our call for an aesthetic awakening, a rewilding of the capitalist imagination and a challenge to all of us to shake our heads, get out from behind our screens and start living without dead time. We diagnose the drives of geopolitical madness, societal schizophrenia and ecological sociopathy. We dive into the history of environmentalism, and also of corporatization. We break down the data-industrial complex and red-alert headlines of the media as the capitalist project begins to unravel. Then, we adjust the mood, tone, and style of our lives for a tangible future.

Issues included:
  • #112: Psycho: A Guide for the Perplexed
  • #113: Eco: Rewild the Child
  • #114: Corpo: Birth of the Corporate Charter Revocation Movement
  • #115: Techno: What is Reality?
  • #116: Politico: #NOFUTURE
  • #117: Aesthetico: Our Crisis is a Crisis of Aesthetics