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2018 Box Set: Planetary End Game

Can we survive the Anthropocene?

Issues: #137 - 141

Planetary Endgame, our 2018 box set, covers the end of the Anthropocene, the rise of nationalism, and a dark future future. While it seems that planet Earth and all the fucked up thoughts that exist upon it have self-actualized into a dystopian sci-fi hell, 2018 was not without its moments of truth. Through Trump’s obscene diktats, the harsh realities of Western Civilization’s political pitfalls can no longer be ignored; the IPCC report is a factual navigation tool for how the economy must take a U-turn. Every facet of our existence is now challenged by its ability to save us, either physically, spiritually, or mentally. Can we change the course of history?

Issues included:

  • #137: A Spiritual Crisis of Meaning
  • #138 You Risk It All (Digital PDF)
  • #139 Mental Breakdown of a Nation
  • #140 Dirty Old Men
  • #141 New Ways to Live, Love & Think (with calendar)

    We are completely out of print copies of issue 138, the print box set will only include a digital version of it. As a complimentary to that, we will also offer the latest issue or a back issue of your choice in print (leave a comment in your order!)

    **141 includes the 2019 #Moonstruck calendar!**