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The Big Ideas of 2010

Jan/Feb 2010

A Silver Bullet of Big Ideas

Our species is facing unprecedented challenges and people often think we need radically new ideas to match the bizarre realities and uncertainties of our time. But has our quest for “new ideas” become indistinguishable from our quest for new cars, new clothes and new entertainment?


It is finally time for the West to adopt some tenets of Confucianism: community, calm, reverence and egalitarianism, and time for the world to do away with the hackneyed binaries of East/West, good/evil, right/wrong and socialism/capitalism.

The Glorious Bastards of 2009

Find out who we’re celebrating as the most wildly inspirational activists of the year.

Ramadan Xmas

Westerners have a long tradition of adopting ways to temper excess from other cultures: Yoga brings us calm and Tao brings us balance. Now it’s time to look to Islam for a bit of restraint and introduce some elements of Ramadan into the consumer spectacle of Christmas.

New Possibilities for Australia

On the surface Australia seems to be a utopia of opportunity, tolerance and good intentions, but the country’s soft public image often conceals a heart of darkness. As the mood darkens, however, Australian youth are showing that living on the brink has made them both adaptable and resilient.