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The Reconquest of Cool

May/Jun 2008

Cool: The Rise, Fall And Rebirth of an Attitude

A visual essay on the rise and fall of cool.

New Wave Coffee

After years of Starbucks domination, indie coffee shops are fighting back.

Sins of Omission

Economists who should have won the Nobel Prize, and those that should have theirs revoked.

The Question

An Algerian journalist’s harrowing account about water torture gives a disturbing glimpse at US actions today.

The Pain of Others

North America’s growing homeless crisis challenges our own empathy.

Plus opinion and analysis by Nick Turse, Stephen Lewis, J.M. Coetzee and Linda McQuaig and Tom Green...

Images by Joe Szabo, Larry Sultan, Wolfram Hahn, Jesper Ulvelius, Amani Willlet, Stefan Abrams, Lucy Levene...