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AB128: The Year of Living Dangerously Pt. 5


Did modernity kill the human spirit? Did capitalism precipitate our existential crisis? Is the natural order of the world now toast? From the utopian glow of cyber abstraction to the brutality of the new Dark Age, we wonder what will come after themo and pomo eras bite the dust. And what shall we call this new era - what’s it all about? Is it still mo + pomo minus the cynicism? Or is it nomo with a brick in your hand?

In the fifth issue of our six-part Year of Living Dangerously series, we go on a desperate search for a new kind of meaning.


  • Lela Vujanic on deep modernity
  • Michael Greer on Dark Age America
  • Dan Gregory on nomo economics
  • Sam Alexander on nomo democracy
  • John Dennehy on his first experience with revolution