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AB119: Manifesto for World Revolution, Part 2

May/June 2015

Adbusters #119 is our second 160-page bombshell and the second chapter in our Manifesto for World Revolution series. Here, we break the shackles that have held back the environmental movement for far too long.

In Part 2, we take a trip to a water crisis in one of the world’s megacities, examine a future without Homo Sapiens and delve into means and reasons for resistance. What happens if we fail to act now?

  • Award-winning essayist and author Charles C. Mann explores the state of our species.
  • Scholar Bron Taylor asks: Do the ends justify the means?
  • John Michael Greer formulates a new future.
  • Clive Hamilton considers dreams of escape.
  • Is there anything left of American democracy?
  • We take the first steps in the #BillionPeopleMarch.

In this series we’re blurring the line between concept and combat. We’re getting ready for #worldrevolution: leaders must bring us a climate accord now, or else … face global revolutionary fervor.

Come along for the ride.