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Rewild the Child

May/June 2014

In this invigorating second chapter of the Blueprint for a New World series, we go back to environmentalism’s existential birth, follow the triumphs and pitfalls of this cherished movement through its teenage years, adulthood and senior-home days … through to its eventual death in 2012. We put our finger on exactly what went wrong — why we’ve grown so disconnected, detached and uncaring — and then, halleluja! we jump over the moribund body of the old left, recover our #DeepAnger and start building a new movement with guts, gall and soul.


  • Kat Stevens on The Big Fail of the Big Green NGO
  • Why we need to get angry, by Darren Fleet
  • The ecopolitics behind the world’s hottest conflicts
  • Kalle Lasn on How to Break the Trance, Shift the Paradigm & Hack the System
  • Roland Kelts on The Satori Generation
  • Join the #Mindbomb Campaign!
  • Why modern philosophy needs the mystical
  • Another kind of love by Hardt and Negri
  • The Era of Disembodied Love
  • Born Again Environmentalism by Stefanie Krasnow
  • Edward Slingerland on Wu Wei in the West
  • …and 128 thick pages of nothing but epiphany inspiring content!