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Carl Jung said, “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” If humanity cannot face its own darkness – and confront our capacity for evil – then the darkness will own us and become our destiny. History’s cycle of massacres, violence and bloodshed will continue to blindly repeat.

In this issue, we stare into the dark shadow of humanity hoping for a wink. Are we sleepwalking to extinction? Has the wild human spirit been tamed? How can we derail consumer capitalism to avoid the destruction of life on earth? We’ll find out, in the Epic Human Journey Part 4: Autumn, as we track the waves of spirit emerging in history, searching for the solution to the human dilemma … finding clues in unsuspected places….

Featured in this issue:

  • How will it turn out: Political Islam vs. The West?
  • Spirit in History from Buddha to Hiroshima
  • God is dead, so everything is permitted?
  • #nosecrecy – a new human right
  • Steve Keen reflects on economics’s cannibalistic tendencies
  • Advertising is brain damage
  • Kalle Lasn on the new Revolution Algorithm
  • The NoMo manifesto by Stefanie Krasnow
  • Capitalism and the End of Life on Earth by economist Richard Smith
  • Psycho-collapse vs. eco-collapse, pyramid vs. rhizome
  • There will be blowback – a Wall Street premonition
  • The Solution to the Human Dilemma
  • #DoNothingDay