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AB 142: The Metameme Insurrection

AB #142: Toneshift — The Metameme Insurrection

Push the reset button of your mind and journey into Adbusters #142, where cheerful ignorance, mundane complacency, and mental anguish from the status quo fizzle and pop — this is toneshifting territory. The Metameme Insurrection surfs the brainwashing waves of advertising through the years and lands you on the shore of the art, politics, and crises du jour. Take a look at phallic sculptures through the #metoo lens. Muse over virtually stimulated pleasure. Dive into seemingly unconnected truths — they may unearth our collective memory and pull us from our digitized trance. Hopefully, it will spark moments of clarity to give this generation — embracers of change, maverick bullshit-detectors — the vim to swim through surveillance capitalism and the insect armageddon with creative force. Plus, life lessons from Stan Lee!