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Field Guide to Virtual Warfare

March/April 2015

Adbusters #118 is an incredible 160-page blast . . . Part 1 of our new Manifesto for World Revolution series — a tactical manual for fighting back against the capitalist algorithm that threatens the very essence of the human spirit. 

In the Field Guide to Virtual Warfare, we examine our possible futures in a landscape where technology has invaded every aspect of our political, economic and spiritual lives.

  • Author and essayist Morris Berman takes on American social relations.
  • Douglas Haddow puts together a field guide for virtual warfare.
  • Kester Brewin breaks down the history of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Rob Plastow questions anthropocentrism. 
  • Keith Harrington updates us on the America Economic Association meme war. 
  • Audrey Mayer talks about slowing down the education system. 
Over the next year we’ll be moving from analysis to action as we craft our tools and gather a global force the likes of which the world has never seen. Stay with us as we issue our ultimatum to the leaders of the world:

Give us a climate accord with teeth in Paris this December … or face unprecedented revolutionary fervor.