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A Guide for the Perplexed

Mar/Apr 2014

In this first issue of the Blueprint we go deep into the minds of nations and people … diagnosing the drives of geopolitical madness, societal schizophrenia and ecological sociopathy. American psychosis, Israel’s PTSD, France’s depression, Canada’s coming–of–age–crisis and Australia’s impenetrable denial.

We go one step deeper and pull back the bandages on the festering psychic wounds of our lives. Then, and only then, can we move through denial, anger, bargaining and depression to acceptance. But will our civilization ever be able to face up to its imminent mortality? Will we learn, as a civilization, how to die … and free ourselves to deal with what arises without fear?


  • Blue pill/Red pill? The choice we all make.
  • Readers’ testimonies from the front lines of breakdown
  • Grieving ecocide as a species: the journey from denial to action
  • Kalle Lasn: why we called ourselves, “The Journal of the Mental Environment”
  • Devastated landscapes=devastated mindscapes
  • Millennial Autoeroticism
  • Elephants, rats, capuchins and human altruism by Darren Fleet
  • The festering psychic wounds of nations
  • Stefanie Krasnow on Freud’s “psychological misery of the masses”
  • …and 144 full-color visually-driven pages, more than any Adbusters issue before!