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Box Set: Planetary Endgame

Get the whole Year of the Wolf in a nutshell

While it seems that planet Earth and all the fucked up thoughts that exist upon it have self-actualized into a dystopian sci-fi hell, 2018 was not without its moments of truth. Through Trump, the hard truths of Western civilization’s pitfalls can no longer be ignored; the IPCC report is a factual navigation tool for how the economy must take a U-turn.

But not only that—every facet of our existence is now challenged by its ability to save us, either physically, spiritually, or mentally. Starting with #137, A Spiritual Crisis of Meaning, the question of who we are as a generation and what we are capable of surfaces from the drained sewer. #138, You Risk It All, provokes the oppressed risk taker within, and #139, Mental Breakdown of a Nation blasts a light into the ever-darkening pit of doubt engulfing the globe. #140, Dirty Old Men looks at the digital age with critical eyes and wonders what the possibilities are of a tech-obsessed culture under the thumb of Big Tech corpos. Finally, 141, New Ways to Live, Love & Think is a fuck-it-all re-imagination and cultivation of action toward a new, beautiful existence.  

This bundle still include a copy of issue 141 with the calendar inside.