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AB 133: Wonder Woman USA, 2018

September/October 2017

We’re regrouping and recalibrating. We’re waking up. We’re ready to fight for a better world. Adbusters #133 is a celebration -- of the beauty of revolution and the possibilities of the human spirit -- and a call to arms. Inside you’ll learn how the military-industrial complex is jumbling our brains, and why global finance is scraping away any chance of salvation. This is our time to band together, to turn to each other for support and reinvent the revolution with fresh eyes. Adbusters #133 is a callout to all the lonewolves out there with a simple ask: let’s rejoice in our creativity and gear up to hack the system to bring it down from the inside.


-Guide to a global art project: turning ATMs into shrines

-Ted Sanford on runaway military spending

-Riot porn to fill your heart’s content

-Field Guide to a New World Order part III - Reverse Money Flows