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AB125: The Year Of Living Dangerously Pt. 2

May/June 2016

Adbusters Issue #125 is our darkest, grittiest issue yet. The second instalment in the Year of Living Dangerously Series ponders the most imperative questions of our age: how do we break the spell of instrumental rationality; why do we so willingly forfeit our privacy to profit-driven corporations; and to what extent will we ultimately digitize the human experience? Do the guts of these issues have anything to do with our inability to sit alone with our thoughts?


- Jesse Donaldson on the Quantifiable Self

- Adam Rasmi on the perpetual war machine

- Kate Wilson dreams of the glitter bomb

- Reid Hardaway on Direct Action and the Occupy Movement

- Roy Scranton on the philosophical function of interruption

Also in this issue: a new environmentalist creed; the existence of a deep state; and the Left’s anthropocenic enjoyment of disaster.