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Endless Summer

Endless summer is the moment in our collective history where the dice of fortune are rolled. Singularity or Nightfall? Revolutionary horizon or 1000-year Dark Age? Do we continue celebrating the doomsday machine or re-make our Promethean impulses for good? This issue explodes the moment were in – whistleblowers, modernity 2.0, Eastern and Western brains, narcissistic personality disorder, the mindf**k of military advertising … the whole world is up for grabs!


Featured in this issue:

  • Non-Western modernity by Pankaj Mishra
  • Activist heroes from around the world
  • Figure or context? Surface or depth? – What you see says it all
  • Ethan Watters unravels our WEIRD minds
  • CrimethInc. Ex-workers' Collective: Rethinking Activism, Generating New Forms of Joy
  • Culture rot: America's real enemy within
  • The Iranian rial versus the green back by Darren Fleet
  • Pedro Inoue looks into the Shining Eyes of Sao Paulo
  • Feedback loop – street and government together by Kalle Lasn
  • DSM V: Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • Individualism, linearity, corporate personhood, progress, logic, growth …We radically reconstruct the sacred cows of the Western imagination one by one!