AB 041: Mad World/Mad Pride

AB 041: Mad World/Mad Pride

May/June 2002

Published in 2002, MadWorld/MadPride is one of Adbusters’ most iconic and hard-hitting issues, taking a deeply personal look into the mad, mad world of psychiatry and pharmaceuticals. As the American psyche becomes increasingly diagnosed, prescribed and medicated, this issue calls into question the righteousness of doctors and drugmakers propped up by a wildly profitable multi-billion industry. MadWorld/MadPride is a rallying cry for all human beings to reclaim their madness, badness, blues and rage.


- Lucy Gwin on the ever-changing question of what is normal

- William Skidelsky detailing the highs and lows of his journey with anti-depressants

- Chris Tenove on brain scans and the question of what ‘abnormal’ really looks like

- Robert Whitaker pleads for honesty in the prescription of anti-psychotics  

- Bruce E. Levine questions the institutionalization of mental health issues

- Douglas Coupland on pills, pills, pills. 

- Richard DeGrandpre takes a look at Prozac’s long history of wrongful death suits

Also in this issue: Enron and the bluff that failed; George W. Bush and the philosophy of ‘living in the now’; and the question of an anarchist awakening in the age of atrophy.

Adbusters #41 is long out of print, but you can now purchase it as a digital PDF. This issue truly stands the test of time, get your copy today!

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