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2018 Box Set in a Tote Bag

A double whammy

While it seems that planet Earth and all the fucked up thoughts that exist upon it have self-actualized into a dystopian sci-fi hell, 2018 was not without its moments of truth. Through Trump's obscene diktats, the harsh realities of Western civilization’s political pitfalls can no longer be ignored; the IPCC report is a factual navigation tool for how the economy must take a U-turn.

But not only that—every facet of our existence is now challenged by its ability to save us, either physically, spiritually, or mentally. Starting with #137, A Spiritual Crisis of Meaning, the question of who we are as a generation and what we are capable of surfaces from the drained sewer. #138, You Risk It All, provokes the oppressed risk taker within, and #139, Mental Breakdown of a Nation blasts a light into the ever-darkening pit of doubt engulfing the globe. #140, Dirty Old Men looks at the digital age with critical eyes and wonders what the possibilities are of  a tech-obsessed culture under the thumb of Big Tech corpos. Finally, #141, New Ways to Live, Love & Think is a fuck-it-all re-imagination and cultivation of action toward a new, beautiful existence. 

Toss the lot into our Uncle Jam tote and read these on the go, then leave them at the bus stop, in cafes, and at school so other curious and culture jamming minds might invigorate their mental environment! 

This bundle still include a copy of issue 141 with the calendar inside.