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Field Guide Set 1: Field Guides To A New World Order

Field Guide To A New World Order, our set of five revolutionary pamphlets, presents a new strategic vision for the political left . . . a grand narrative, a once-in-a-millennium mind shift, a radical set of big ideas (Metamemes)and actionable practices so systemic and so profound that a sane, sustainable future is unthinkable without them.

    Field Guide I - Metameme Warfare introduces you to the Metameme as a revolutionary tool.
    Field Guide II - Break the Trance presents six steps for cleaning up the toxic clutter of your mental environment.
    Field Guide III - Reverse Money Flows shows you how to stop living your life to the drumbeat of capital, and how we can bring Big Finance to its knees.
    Field Guide IV - Détournement teaches you the radical tricks of cultural combat — how to beat the alt-right at its own game.
    Field Guide  V - The Power of Ritual reveals how, working as one member of a vast network — — we can harness the power of global ritual to change culture, society, politics, and history.


    Time to catapult the left back into action.