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Field Guide Set

POOF goes the Old World Order!

This series offers six practical how-to guides about revolutionizing our politics, our communities, and ourselves. Each field guide translates one big idea into grassroots action, with personal strategies for navigating the dangerous times ahead.

New World Order Series:

Field Guide I: Metameme Warfare introduces you to the Metameme as a revolutionary tool.

Field Guide II: Break the Trance presents six steps for cleaning up the toxic clutter of your mental environment.

Field Guide III: Reverse Money Flows shows you how to stop living your life to the drumbeat of capital, and how to bring Big Finance to its knees.

Field Guide IV: Détournement teaches you the radical tricks of cultural combat — how to beat the alt-right at its own game.

Field Guide V: The Power of Ritual reveals how, working as one member of a vast network — — we can harness the power of global ritual to change culture, society, politics, and history.

World Revolution Series:

World Revolution Field Guide I: Fuck Facebook offers five steps towards the total elimination of Facebook — a recipe for revitalizing the landscape of our increasingly digitized world by taking this tech-giant down.  

These zines are practical guides for revolutionizing. They're meant to be read, spread, ripped, shared and destroyed, just like the chains that bind us.