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Corporate America T-Shirt

The Corporate America t-shirt is part of Adbuster's new line of 'dareware' and captures our refusal to sell our souls to the big baddies of America. This shirt shows America as it is: a corporate-capitalist machine devoted to the worship of consumption. 

  • Locally printed
  • Unisex
  • 100% lightweight polyester 

Our t-shirts are a part of an ongoing experiment to jam mass production and bring the DIY back to clothing. All shirts are handprinted by local producers, and may have some small dings and imperfections from the sublimation process. 
While combating mindless consumerism and corporate greed, we still need shoes for our feet and clothes to wear. This is our attempt to offer an indie
, the proceeds of which help keep Adbusters independent, uncensored and ad-free.