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Fires, Floods and Fascism

Issues #130 - 135

2017 saw fires, floods, and fascism. Populism waxed while the environment waned. The year devastated us environmentally, financially, politically, and socially. Adbusters’ Toneshift Box Set reflects the turmoil that defined the year. It chronicles the carnage of 2017 while prodding us towards a radical reorientation, a toneshift, a new world order.

Issues included:

  • #130: The Impeachment
  • #131: Planetary Endgame
  • #132: God, I’m Lonely
  • #133: Wonder Woman USA 2018
  • #134: I Am Very Happy
  • #135: Big Ideas of the 21st Century

*BONUS! You get the digital version of these 6 issues as well*