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The Fake Issue

Jun/Jul 2007

The Death Mask of War

Chris Hedges dissects the intoxicating power of modern warfare.

Taming the Watchdogs of Media Concentration

How the bosses of the Canadian, American and Australian media have put us all in jeopardy, by Sean Condon.

Neocon II: Lie Hard with a Vengeance

Matt Taibi on why we shouldn't count the neocons out just yet.

In Search of Flowers

What one night at the school dance can mean, by Ryan Ziegler.

Jazz & Jihad: The Discourse of Solidarity

Gilad Atzmon on music and holy struggle.

Plus opinion and analysis from Eric Klinenberg, Zdravka Evtimova, Dick Meyer, Spring Ulmer, Kathleen Christison, Patrick Harper, Bruce Holland Rogers, Eric Rumble, Clayton Dach, Carmen King, Michael Hey...

Images by Brian Ulrich, Ari Marcopoulos, Jerry Spagnoli, Nina Berman, Ed Kashi, Zoe Jet Ellis, Jean-Pierre Khazem, Tim Barber, William Greiner, Roger Ballen, Alec Soth, Sally Peterson, Annet Van Der Voort, Randall Cosco, Laura Russell, Barry Hollywood, Savannah Rose Locklin, Wendy Ewald...