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Blackspot Unswoosher

$112.50 $125.00

  • Blackspot sizing is a bit generous, so if you’re normally a half-size or have narrow feet, we suggest you try the size below!

    Email to get on the wait-list for our popular sold out sizes.

Blackspot is a rise to independence from mega-corporations.

100% Organic Hemp - Recycled Tire Sole - Union Made

Designed by Fluevog - Assembled in Portugual

We have had enough of corporations buying up the market and constraining us to product A and product B--when both serve corporation C. We want choices, not marketing campaigns. We want to support the local efforts of our neighbours, and choose their products: from the local bookstores, the local barbers, to the local grocers. These indie initiatives are putting themselves on the frontline against these mega-corporations, fighting million-dollar marketing campaigns, and for the mega-corps' dollar. Ready your Blackspots, and stand with us. Leave a Blackspot on the banks, the storefronts, and the offices of the automated mega-corporations, and signal the rise of a new indie, grassroots order.

By supporting our local friends and neighbours, we stop contributions to the mega-corporations' rapacious profiteering. You will spark a new Blackspot order: one of grassroots capitalism, and one free of mega-corp audacity.

This shoe is our Blackspot. Sustainably produced with recycled tire soles and organic hemp uppers, this shoe will leave a revolutionary footprint on the earth--and prevent mega-corps from leaving their carbon footprint. Best of all, it treads all over Nike's and Adidas's corporate "cool."

Our shoes are produced in Feluerias, Portugal, a locale steeped in 400 years of shoemaking craftsmanship, through a family-owned, unionized factory.

#BlackspotDay is coming May 7th.

Who will you Blackspot?


If you have any questions email us at 


Too big, too small? Not a problem! Just send the shoes back to our Vancouver address in their original condition with a small note detailing your preferred size, and we’ll shoot you back a new pair ASAP.

Make sure you mark RETURN clearly on the package if sending from outside of Canada so that all duty is waived!

Adbusters Media Foundation
1243 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6H 1B7 Canada